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What do you do when you fall down and what does it say about you?

Tonight while making deliveries on the road, three people on three separate occasions dropped dramatically in front of me (I didn't do it I promise). When the first man fell, I laughed loudly while helping him up. His hands were scratched up but he enticed a crowd of people to join in laughing at his… Continue reading What do you do when you fall down and what does it say about you?

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An absence of anger: now what!

I don't feel angry anymore. At the world, at anyone. I feel an agelessness like I've lived forever. And it's easy to think that perhaps I am numb, but its not that, because I've been numb - and for me, (not sure about other people) being numb involves ALOT of thinking - thinking so much… Continue reading An absence of anger: now what!

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Intimate relationships and Sexual Union

Let me paint a picture for you! As nature intends, every once in a while, carnal energy would overrule my spirit, and I'd find myself on 'the hunt', always the pursuer and always catching the kill I was after. Having been nomadic for a good seven years,  sexual relations was an easy thing to do.… Continue reading Intimate relationships and Sexual Union