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The beginning of my Muay Thai Journey

I have really fallen inlove a with Muay Thai. I'm five months in, but it feels like I've just begun and the last time I wrote about Muay Thai¬†was three months ago. Nobody told me that once you break the shell you'd be left with only spirit and a blank slate of nothingness. Ok I… Continue reading The beginning of my Muay Thai Journey

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An absence of anger: now what!

I don't feel angry anymore. At the world, at anyone. I feel an agelessness like I've lived forever. And it's easy to think that perhaps I am numb, but its not that, because I've been numb - and for me, (not sure about other people) being numb involves ALOT of thinking - thinking so much… Continue reading An absence of anger: now what!

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The Story of Narcissus

In Greek Mythology, Narcissus was a beautiful boy who was loved and admired by all that came into contact him, both male and female. At his birth, his mother was approached by a seer who told her that he would grow up to live a long and happy life provided he never knew himself. Throughout… Continue reading The Story of Narcissus