Grenfell Tower – looking to the future

Its time to do things differently and it seems the stones have already been laid in place before even needing to speak.

If this becomes a ‘us and them’ situation we looking at another future riot, one which will not empower the community, but instead make the ‘poor’ look like ‘animals’ and ‘mindless thugs’.  However, there is no denying the media’s engagement to bring into awareness that The Grenfell action Group have been highlighting fire safety hazards for many years. What the government is doing to calm the situation doesn’t matter. A fight for justice is not something that goes away and those fighting this battle will continue to do so. There are other ways of spreading a message without relying on the mainstream media. The BBC did not cover the protests, but other outlets have – although rather quietly. Our system of government currently lacks compassion and as a system it is meant to be systematic. So it should not come as a surprise that the government wish to avoid a public uproar of emotion and is hoping for this to blow over quietly.

It’s pretty fortunate that so many local residents have such a high awareness of the larger picture, and it’s empowering that the media have aired these voices publicly. We’ve been looking at raw emotion, and raw emotion is difficult to ignore. Imagine the same raw energy, but attached to a political purpose. There is no doubt that we should be expecting a good few demonstrations and people taking to the streets in the immediate future.

But it’s important that the same people who have such strong and valid opinions step up and fight the legal battle! — channelling their class oppression into the action of words and numbers. There obviously needs to be a public inquiry, but representation needs to come from those passionate faces. We cannot fight their battles for them, but we can support and empower them. The public inquiry needs to led by people who know what has been going on over the years and they need both legal and public support.

This battle is one that challenges the way the current system works, especially in relation to housing, property and land though humans have been in this war since the first men and women decided to build settlements.

If one owns the land and chooses to provide shelter on that land, then they want to ensure they take care of those people on that land. People are only slaves to the system if they have not been heard and are not part of the processes of development. The owner who let’s go of their need to control will learn that keeping the people happy can increase social capital and economic growth.

The system needs to be challenged and there needs to be conflict in order for positive outcomes to occur. There are astrological alignments are in place for this to take a postive spin towards that of unity and compassion.


Housing and government sectors now and in future need to take responsibility for their systematic faults and acknowledge that they are disconnected from communities. They need to be willing to pay out for the consequences of their past actions. They need not hide behind legal jargon to protect them from incurring financial damage.  People need to know and believe that they are entitled to justice, no matter where they stand on the social hierarchy.
This is also the perfect opportunity for Corbyn to use his grass roots activism to win over a majority of the public.  I’m not saying he’s jumping for joy, but the winds of fire are blowing in his direction and all he has to do is jump on board and the people will follow. .


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