The Magik of Fasting

With summer making itself present, there’s no denying the lack in appetite, especially now that we have the energy from the sun to charge us up.

I tend to fast by not eating ANYTHING at all a day or two before each major moon phase. Obviously this means the days in which I fast will vary in frequency and timing. I’m not fixed in when I should fast – there’s a kind of intuition from my body that lets me know that its time to fast and by a certain evening every week, I just know that the next day I won’t be eating.

I find that consciously being aware that the next day I won’t be consuming, I wake up with an abundance of energy, with mini missions in mind and a kind of optimisim that is impossible to shift. There’s a kind of determination and light footedness. That connection with the higher source – YHWH – God – Allah – The Most High, Almighty! ❤

Thinking about not being able to eat can be an off putting thought, especially if food consumption is something you place pleasure on. Food, for me is a necessity sometimes (to replace looses of minerals and repair damage from bodily functions). When food souly becomes about pleasure and nothing else, then we have to ask ourselves why we are not getting pleasure and satisfaction from other areas of our lives. That is not to say that we cannot find pleasure in food. I just think its always good to vary the pleasure receptors so that there’s always something different to appreciate.

If a person is thinking about not eating all day, its only natural that the mind will be focused on food and its not healthy to torture ourselves with such thoughts. There is a reason fasting is often related to getting in touch with god.  Fasting shifts focus away from comsumption and focuses more on giving and will power to achieve wholeness by working on ourselves and our growth. It forces us to venture out in the world as servents to the plan of the devine universe.


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