The intellect as a sin? Why this is a thing?

If the thought of intelligence being  a sin has never occurred to you, then this article is probably not for you, though you may get some interest from it. This also covers our fears of leaving our mark upon the world.

This is for those who have already gone through much thought on the thoughts of intelligence, leaving a mark on the world and the relationship with the Devine, or God as we may call it. I hope that this can bring you some peace of mind and acceptance of your own gifts.


Do we write and/or create music that leaves a mark and lasting effect on the world, knowing that one day we will die? Do we refrain from doing so because we fear what reactions will follow?

Feed Your Brain Music

The desire to put something out there for others will vary from person to person and our motivation for doing so may not be the same – to share knowledge, express joy or pain, to influence, to inform, to gain fame, money or approval – they are all possibilities.

“Only bad people live to see their likeness set in stone”

The thing is that when we think and speak intellectually, we separate ourselves, at least that is what happens when nobody around seems to be able to relate or reciprocate to what we’re putting out there.

Even looking at the medium of writing – it is more often or not a lone activity; and even sitting in a classroom or space with others, writing happens through one person’s flowing stream of thoughts. Though we can mingle and merge our thoughts with others, the act of writing – whether by computer or written hand can only be done by one person at a time from one stream of consciousness (if its coming from creation – we’re not talking about copying or note taking here). This aloneness can be then understood as being ‘separate’ and it is known in spiritual and religious understanding that to be separate from God is a sin. This sin can be interpreted in many ways, such as the ‘devil’s work’, Satan’s influence, the darkness, shadows, wrong doing and so on.  And this is how we get to the idea that intellect is sin – from separation – from being alone. One!

Religious texts have also made us wonder how some words written so long ago have managed to impact the culture of today. Wouldn’t life perhaps be far more exciting and meaningful if every communication was face to face rather than through books, phone calls, recorded music and television.

Thinking of leaving a mark on the word or embracing intellect as a sinful thing is an excuse to avoid success or to excuse a fear of failure and thinking this way, again excuses us from putting forth our thoughts, feelings and ideas.

To rid of thinking that the intellectual is a sin, we must realise that our ability to  tune into the source is a divine one and we are able to communicate something to others, whether it be through the medium of writing or through lyrical content. The message is just as important as the way in which it is transmitted. We must acknowledge own our powers to connect with the source and play our roles as modern-day shamans and prophets in human form along with every one else who have the same powers, but choose to use them in their own ways.

The thought of ‘leaving our mark’ on the world is thought to be sinful and wrong because on an innate level we understand that all we have is ‘NOW’ – the present moment and that all things are transient and ever-moving, dying and being reborn. Why then should we consider ourselves so important that we leave something in the material world? Why share what we think to be right and true to be really right and true?

Because IT IS! At least it is to you! At this moment, right now! And there will always be others who feel and think along those same lines. You will never know how few or how many will aknowledge and appreciate what it is you have to offer unless you actually share it with the world.

It’s useful to see the intellect as an ‘authority’. Think of it as a spiritual authority – the male tribal leader who safe guards the communities tradtions.  It can be rules and regulations that need to be laid down in order to avoid a chaotic universe and to gain a sense of control. It lays down structures and foundations in which other things can be created upon, but an authority, no matter how ‘correct’ must be open to new ways of thinking and for new structures to be offered up in its place.


In noticing that we are part of the greater web of life and that everything already exists and has already existed, by sharing ourselves in whatever medium we choose, we are merely adding to the already existing knowledge of the universe. It is the act of creating and sharing that instead adds to ours and other people’s experiences while they are here living on earth. It is

the EXPERIENCE of life that is the most important part of this all. You will come across haters, you will come across people who disagree with you and you will be asked to stick by your truths. The best thing then, would be to reevaluate your truths and what you really believe in, so to find a contentment in letting others know what you believe in and sticking by your guns – while also having the willingness to acknowledge and explain when those beliefs move in the winds of change.

The intellect is a gift, a linear form of communication that can help us and others understand and categorise the more complex parts of human existence, and so it must be embraced, but still – for the intellects, it’s always good to remember, that the phenomenon of feeling is just as important as the phenomenon of thought.







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