The Next Two Weeks at a Glance: Elections and Personal Astrology

Just in time for the UK election, the last two days have seen Mercury move into Gemini ♊ and Venus move into Taurus ♉  (More on Venus in another post).


With Mercury in Gemini until the 20th June, expect the next two weeks to be one of conversation of opposing ideals. Since this is society we are talking about, it’s fair to expect many negotiations and potential conflicts between the parties.  However, on a personal level, we may find ourselves debating passionately with others with our intellectual minds. Be prepared for a lot of communication over the next two weeks; people reaching out by phone or email and gathering with friends with hopefully healthy debates rather than conflicting ones.


The media will be hyped exciting the public with their own personal thoughts, which we will be on the receiving end of and will be enough to stimulate us into debates with our peers. What happens tonight will determine which way the conversation will go – but there will be a conversation! No doubt! And we don’t need astrology to tell us that! But there is no denying the connection of the planetary alignments to the timing of this election.

Gemini, if listened to, can teach us how to be cooperative and show us that two seemingly opposing viewpoints are able to come together to create levels of harmony. So its important to remember that we can have a debate without personally insulting one another and without falling out with our peers. mercury.jpg

This high-spirited intellectual communication of Mercury will die down on the 20th June once Mercury moves into Cancer. Cancer is more withdrawn and shy, and a little moody. So once Mercury makes its move, expect communcation to turn into a more internal conversation, where society will settle into a more gloomy contemplative family focused type of communication.

The next two weeks, therefore, are a perfect opportunity to speak up and make your voice heard, to open up conversations about issues and to spark up a heated debate (if that is what you are after).





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