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Intimate relationships and Sexual Union

Let me paint a picture for you!

As nature intends, every once in a while, carnal energy would overrule my spirit, and I’d find myself on ‘the hunt’, always the pursuer and always catching the kill I was after.

Having been nomadic for a good seven years,  sexual relations was an easy thing to do. I could connect with individuals and then very easily move on and forget about them because I was physically moving from location to location. I didn’t have to deal with gossip and I could happily have an experience, learn a few things about


myself and carry on.

But today, I realise how sex is an intimate experience, not meant to be shared with everyone and anyone (though there have been times where free love has been somewhat appealing). Yes Christianity has been preaching this of ‘just the one’ message for a while!

There is an uncovering of souls and sharing of spirit during sexual intercourse and to not know someone fully, but have seen them naked (physically, but not always spiritually or mentally) can cause a need to demand and project and is more often than not, cause  for chaos and dramatic relations – something that can become less appealing with age and less appealing when there is a desire to achieve spiritual and material wholeness.

On a true path to wholeness and the embodiment of Love; true love! –  the ability to let go (sometimes with help from pain (aka passion) and astrological alignments) one can become spirit itself.  The heart is open and the mind is free from thought and the body does as it pleases. This ‘state’ of being makes it very easy to connect with others (or for creative expression), and much of the time it causes us to become attractive.. because you know, some spirits attract other spirits.

But one must remember to be connected to the soul’s purpose when the spirit decides to become free. Without being connected to the soul, people can have what others see as ‘manic’ experiences or ‘spiritual emergencies’ where freedom is all a little too much and taking to the streets naked claiming to be God may just occur.


Sexual attraction occurs when we perceive qualities in others that we wish that we could embody in ourselves. It is the desire to unite and connect with another in hope that we may be able to take those qualities by becoming intimate with them. Correctly so, because Love is Whole and if we are not fully whole in ourselves, we seek to fill the missing pieces through the people we choose to have sex with. In forming a relationship with another person you can begin to share yourselves and learn from one another, but it doesn’t always have to be through sex.

By seeking to enrich our lives, meeting people is simply an oppotunity to enjoy and experience life. Every person is able to offer us something to be curious about, every person has something interesting they can share with us, teach us or enjoy with us. Perhaps even, it is you that can share something with them.

Religion has a point in choosing just the one. Someone that you can learn and grow with.. but mostly enjoy! Being with them should be easy – Though the new age religions (but age-old wisdom’s) will tell us when we meet our soul mate, the first days will be difficult, tense and perhaps even down right nasty.

The good thing though is that we have the freedom to choose who we love and what way we choose to love them ❤   Always good to remember.



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