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Bare foot Life

If I could, I would walk the world bare foot every day! .. ❤

It’s not always practical (you know being a cyclist and all) but it changes the way I interact with the world. The vibrations and feeling of the ground on the souls of my feet.
It’s reminded me of 2013, when I was mostly barefoot for about six months and in that time I, along with my then crew, created a mini revolution on the squat/anarchist scene which helped shaped a shift in media perception and police behaviour… though I’m just trying to link what I did to being barefoot 😂😂😂😂😂 even though it may have no connection at all, but it may have played a role.

Photos by @Kadir_Gold

These photos are from yesterday – turns out it was all on camera!

No lie.. I like these photos but it’s thrown me off guard to catch myself in frame during my moments of madness, or passion – shall we say..   I’ve always liked that the realest moments of my life are never caught on camera.. but the photos do seem to tell a story so I decided to share them.

Eariler today, I also visited a bare foot store, and it really sucked!! – Vivo Bare Foot make shoes with extra wideness for room for our toes to move around and be free, but my feet are even wider than people who have really wide feet. I’ve been wearing Vibram five fingers for about five years now, so even ‘special’ shoes are not wide enough for my free feet. Its great for other people who want to bring their feet back to nature but mine are pretty much there already so going bare foot seems like the only real alternative.
Anyway, there was something deeply significant about the past three days ❤ and I’m still swishing my fingers in the water.
The only truth I do know is that Love is ever present and Love Wins always.


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