Promoting Love? Is that a thing?

It’s not always easy, but when you believe, you believe. Let’s call it faith as you wish.

I met up with someone today to do a photoshoot- spontaneously! We’ve never met before. Instagram! The feeling was right. You know when you know, you know!

And he made a point when he said that “there are not enough people promoting Love”. At first I thought it was such a weird thing to say. Promote Love?  Isn’t love something we feel and carry through in our actions? How can you promote Love?


That conversation was sparked because there were some guys using chalk to draw world flags on the pavement. These very simple drawings of flags on the ground with so many different colours sparked inspiration and openness in me and I floated bare foot across his art work to invite myself into his life for a moment. Seeing that my fathers country was not there, I asked to add in to the others.  It was a pretty cool moment meeting this Polish man drawin flags and sharing our native languages. I finally learned how to say ‘thank you’ correctly in Polish!

Saying this, I then realised you promote Love by BEING Love. By being open! Out in the world with others. Reminding people there is love is a good start, but we don’t have to talk about it for it to be present. Love has been present since the beginning of time.

Opening our hearts to communication creates beautiful encounters, even if they only last a moment. Speak to strangers, dance to the music of the buskers and paint the sky and space around you as if it were a canvas. You are a curious creature who knows that here now, there is nothing which can harm you but our own thoughts.

In truth, people care very little about what you say, they care much more about how you make them feel and how you communicate with them. Love is a language we can all understand.

Walking about bare foot today in central London seemed to gather more smiles than it did screw faces, but I imagine this is probably because I have never felt more free. That’s what being bare foot does for me. But I wonder if I can walk barefoot everywhere. How will people react in London if I do that? I’ve been given weird looks when I walk into shops, but nobody has ever told me I can’t do it. I don’t imagine its illegal. I’m not saying that you all need to walk around bare foot by the way, its just something that I like, alot!

The words reflected from others today reminded me that it does not matter. When you are you, you are you! Some people will frown, and others will smile, but who really gives a shit? The people you want near you will come, and the love inside will repel those you do not need. Its one of those facts of life. People are in a simple truth, always happy to speak to new and different people from what they encounter on the daily.

So we keep on walking forward on the road of love, because it’s the one thing that connects us all. And when you know you have love in your heart and your spirit can walk in freedom through the desires of your soul, it is your duty to share your message in any form that the spirit guides you to do.


Always  ❤


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