Talk about the issues!

I only speak about this because it all seems relevant right now!

I am surrounded by it – in side and out, on levels unseen and unspoken as well as plain right there up in your face!

A hard headed soul does not have time for depression! Get up and try again, keep on moving. Leave no stone unturned, leave no thought buried. Let it all out, let it all go, speak about it!

I was saying last night that there is no such thing as a ‘mistake’ – there are only things that happened. There are times that we flop and we have accidents and slip up but nothing is a mistake. A mistake is erased, rubbed out, forgotten, pushed aside, but we cannot say this about our experiences. Every experience we have is a part of us and tells us something about ourselves. Every experience, no matter how embarrassing teaches us a lesson, gives us a ripple in our perspectives.

If there are things you hold within and left unspoken, the thoughts will always be swimming around somewhere in the unconscious and eventually a person will burst out with emotion if they leave these things unsaid. The key is knowing who you need to speak to, who you want to talk to about these things.

In friendships, we sometimes have minor things we’ve left unsaid, but they play in our minds perhaps in short images or in one word sentences or a second of a feeling and we pretend not to acknowledge or we allow it to sit with us. But if someone is your friend, then speaking these words could not possibly do any real harm.

An example I used last night was when we have kissed or fucked with someone, but it wasn’t really in our hearts, or perhaps you said something you know was out of turn. But you tell the other, “It was a mistake, let’s forget about it”, but in truth, by not speaking over the feelings surrounding the issue, it will never be forgotten. Its is true that we can forget and move on, and in the best cases make light and humour from these situations, but it first it has to be brought out into the open so it can be processed and moved on from.

These things are free, and there is always time to explore the relationships you hold with others. They are the building blocks and foundations of our life.



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