Fat is not okay!

While I was on the road last night and in the shop buying brownies to satisfy my need to ‘get high’, I found myself about to bust out crying at the sight of a morbidly obese man. Sounds strange, but it’s really not – let me explain.

This morning, a friend of mine posted this meme:


And it stimulated some unnoticed thoughts. Junk food really is a problem, and I frown at the way companies get away with selling unhealthy food, but I know it boils down to choice. There are people who choose to eat McDonald’s. And its simply one of those things that really hurt. Personally I have not walked into a McDonald’s for nearly nine years — for the sake of my health, and fortunately, indirectly it means not funding the pockets of a company with ethical and humanitarian practices I openly disagree with.

So the emotion of sadness did not take over me because I quickly recognised where it came from and it would have been a little weird if I started expressing my crying distress begging this man not to buy a microwaveable take away dinner. Though now I think about it, perhaps that’s what I should have done. I have a feeling he may have been receptive to it.

We live in a world of over consumption, where boredom and aimlessness become a trigger for bad eating habits. We live in an era of sugar addiction because food companies fill food a with additives to make it last longer than the natural world intends it to, inviting consumers to come back for more of the high. At its simplest, its conditioning and it takes a conscious effort to re condition ourselves. But if a person can find reason to change and join in the joyful rebellion and choose food for health instead of getting high, we’re onto something quite magical in regards to creating ourselves a better world.

All it takes is one hit of artificial sugar from a cookie or a sweet and I spend the rest of the week fighting off the craving for another food product and another short burst of high. The opposite occurs when I stick to raw food and cook vegetables. I need is two consecutive days of fresh fruit and vegetable juice (self blended) and I’m back into a healthy eating habit. But this is only because I conditioned myself this way. It’s taken me a good few months to habitually drink fresh juice, but now its all my body really needs.

I feel pain when I see obesity because I know the struggle with food. Had I not discovered the addiction to the high from physical activity at a young age, it’s extremely likely that I myself would be obese. This is largely reflected in the friends I’ve attracted over the years tempting me into junk foods that I find in no way appealing. It’s not just a heavy body when you’re fat, it’s also a heavy mind. And as thoughts become less heavy, with less worry and more joy, so do their bodies. I say this because I know. There’s some magical motivation for you. I have nothing to say about those wonderful people who are overweight but have the ability to throw out some advanced gymnastics. I rate that!



I use to be a secret eater, stuffing my face with whatever I could get my hands on.  I would have been bulimic if I didn’t dislike vomiting so much. I learned by dealing with the consequences of over eating, letting the additive infused food digest through my system. I instead find myself going for a run or a cycle to sweat it out. Sometimes we forget that the human body has the ability to heal itself.

My relationship with food was  influenced by a number of childhood happenings. I had a hard case of poverty mentality as well as a self punishment complex.

My mother use to hide sweet junk food, and ban us from eating anything that was considered by her to be expensive. And when I first left home, having no real income meant that I overate whenever I visited friends since I never knew when and where the next meal was coming from.

On the other hand, my father would send me away from the dinner table without food when he thought I had misbehaved and then would later permit me to eat alone in my room when he had calmed down. I’m guessing this is how I become to unconsciously associate food with punishment. translated as: eat when you feel upset.

So, yes I am rather unforgiving with fat people sometimes,  because I know that the only reason I ever have put on weight in the past is when I have given up on living.

And I love to live! 🙂

And the more good we invite into our lives, the easier it is for the bad to just fade away!






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