It’s been a long time coming!

Its been a long time coming!

And now I’m back. Though I am not one person – I am many!

We choose ourselves! And we choose each other!

Since I am starting a new blog with such conviction, spontaneously inspired by a new friendship and connecting with an old one – I thought it might be necessary to note my intentions for what I want to create here.

Firstly – this is no spiritual bullshit. This is Truth Seeking and Truth telling!

Sure it’s gonna get real cheesey and cliché sometimes, but that’s life – and sometimes the most simple cliché stuff is what touches our hearts. So there we go – I had to get the cheese out the way.


Identity and Society!

I’m an inner city child – one of many! Schooled in an area where the majority of our peers come from ‘ethnic’ backgrounds, where many of our parents and grandparents were and are migrants and refugees.

I aim to come form a place of understanding.

I’m of mixed heritage. My mother is Austrian; choosing to leave the mountain life for London city, where she met my Laotion father; who came to England in his teens as a refugee of the Vietnam war. My brother and I are the only Laotion Austrians I know.

Among us are other mixed heritage groups of what seems like unlikely combinations and encounters of love. These encounters have created children with such a diverse range of explorations of culture and we’ve become a generation of young adults who have merged all these cultures into something new.. and is still in progress. This is something I sometimes enjoy exploring and will love to share my insights when they come about.

I will also share my excitement at meeting other Ghetto Unicorns birthed in other parts of the city, who have similar but different experiences based on the ethnic population of their areas.


Travel and Culture!

Growing up in London makes me a city kid, whether I like it or not. As much as I know and love nature and the quiet green life, I know that there is work to be done here. And so I stay. At least it is this way right now.

Travelling abroad is a way for us to learn, seek out new perspectives and refresh our spirits so that we can return with a new pair of eyes. There are things I have seen in distant lands that many haven’t, and some have, but to tell you a story of these things will be grand.


Ghetto culture  – political influence

Because my birth certificate has an address of a B&B and my parents were homeless when I was born, and because of the mental and real life poverty I have witnessed and experienced, I tend to think I have a ‘common’ and mutual way at looking and relating to societal circumstances that many of us have, and haven’t experienced.

Ghetto –  because fights, crack houses, drug dealers (or ‘shoters’) and stabbings were a part of my childhood. I have a first hand viewpoint when it comes to homelessness, addictions, physical and mental health

I grew up in an era where saying  “Are you dizzy blud?” was an every day thing — though from what I hear, people don’t talk like that any more.

Political – because there are societal issues that need to be addressed. Without indentifying with any political party (because I honestly know very little about politics and rarely follow it) I want to highlight its failures from a place I do know and from what I have seen. This is an important theme that will be constantly addressed, and I hope I can offer some insight and influence a way of improving the system that we are guided by.

I tend to gravitate towards making political issues a spiritual or humanitarian theme and think perhaps its a little bit more objective by the fact that I have little knowledge of political jargon.

However – it’d be boring and too one-sided to only preach the spiritual – every spiritual lesson needs to have a place in the tangible world. There are very real experiences that don’t always call for spiritual wordings. Some times things need to be said as they are – but I like to be able link the two. Like why getting a job may be both a societal issue as much as spiritual one.

I’d also like to make You Tube videos where I think speech may be more powerful than written word and where sometimes videos are just a better way of getting a thought across.

Unicorn stuff

I’d like to share my stories and new insights into experiences with the ‘mystical’ – hence the unicorn theme.  It’s my way of adding humour to the magic, love and hope that remains ever-present within this earthly mess.  Because Unicorns are honestly just really annoying sometimes with all their Love love colourful rainbow glitter. Can’t be happy all the time you know! – but deep down we really are just happy golden unicorns! And I want to Milk it – because Unicorns makes us BELEIVE!

I find that it can get heavy and over serious when we talk on Shamanism and ‘spiritual’ or ‘mystical’ experiences and I want to bring all these things back to ground so that we don’t lose touch with reality when these things happen. Because they DO happen! I’m assuming that’s part of the reason you will join me on this journey! 🙂

Much of the ‘Unicorn’ is about LOVE – cliché again. The Hopes and Dreams we all have and despite the fact that I and we may have seen and experienced some dreadful things; the desire and motivation to, evolve, move on, let go  and keep striving remains present. Call it Faith if you wish. I do!

Story telling

I love story telling – and I think the art of story telling is little dry these days, so bringing it back is pretty much an intention.

So I think that pretty sums up what I am here to do with this blog.

I welcome you to the beginning of a new journey of creative self expression and collective communication.


We are insightful because we have seen, and we are passionate because we have bled. We have only one religion. And that religion is TRUTH!



  1. Preeeeeach sister! May your enthusiasm and insight help connect a new generation of Ghetto Unicorns, existing and newfound! As above, so below – this will be the movement that helps interweave all levels and create an accessible passageway from top to bottom – free of hierarchy! We seek Higher Ground, join us if your soul does too x

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  2. I think it been 10 years since I stopped writing in or reading the others blogs. Until last night when I found your blog and did read some of your ”posts”. That moment turned me back to lots of lovely memories. At the same time I told my self, she is a good ”blogger” and can be a good writer. And now I’m telling you please keep writing.

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    • Thanks so much man. Your comments mean a lot. Its something that I feel am moving forward on so expect more from me in the coming year. I need the practice.

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