Born between 1983 and 1995? The Pluto in Scorpio generation


Pluto is a generational planet and it takes some 248 years to orbit the sun, which means it spends just over 20 and a half years in each zodiac sign – so we won’t be alive to witness another Pluto Scorpio generation, unless of course you plan to live another 200 years from now.


Pluto’s natural ruler is Scorpio (Astrology is like that) — so Pluto is at home in Scorpio. This means, that the influence of Pluto in Scorpio is a weighty one, because Pluto can be the most Pluto it can be when its hanging out with Scorpio. We, as a generation are the peak representation of what it means to be Pluto. We are a generation here to make changes.

We are also known as generation Y! Why? Because we do ask WHY a lot!!!

We are the natural philosophers wanting to dig deep into everything, asking questions about why the world is the way it is.  The universe is one great big mystery to explore, and as a generation we have the ability to break – things – down.  Quite literally.

We are the creative destroyers!!!!

We are a generation that embody the concept of destroying and creating.  We are, whether we like it or not, the Shiva of the times – the basic principle being – you must destroy things to allow space for new things to grow.


Political correctness and the upsurge in activism can be explained by Pluto’s influence on our generation. We have an obbession about preaching to the world what is morally correct and meaningful. YouTube channels are currently popping off with people’s personal realisations.

Pluto, in Roman mythology (Hades in the Greek) is the God and the ruler of the underworld – it is the planet most concerned with death, destruction and bringing to light what it hidden. Pluto makes things die, though not always literally. It’s the last planet (technically not anymore) and representative of the end of a cycle. It is what makes us interested in the mystical and the occult (and astrology of course). We are without a doubt a generation obsessed with death and mystery. Add conspiracy theories in there as well – just for good measure.

This delving deep in to the dark also means that many of us may have a thing for magik and it’s not surprising for our generation to ‘energetically’ test our ability to make other people do things we want them do. Moral standing aside, it highlights our own awareness of our own power that we know we have. Those with Mercury in Gemini or Virgo are particularly gifted at this.

We are the generation that see through the bullshit and are very much aware of the state of the world, often wallowing in its hopeless misery. It is part our nature and its something we should embrace and seek to understand, our anger and sadness that is. We are born in a time where suicide causes more deaths than war and this is largely due to awakening forces within ourselves that we must wrestle with to understand. Our generation experience the ‘Dark night of the soul’ much earlier than others and unfortunately many of our elders are not well trained at knowing how to deal with young people experiencing a life crisis and so we must support one another during the difficult times.

We like to explore those things that the mainstream avoids, so we have a thing for the taboo. Ironically, the origin of the word taboo means ‘sacred‘. Sexual revolution and empowerment are some words that also come to mind. Expect our generation to be interested in tantric practices and orgasms that transcend material reality and that sort of thing.

We can’t save the world (lord know some of us have tried). The world doesn’t need to be saved – but it does need to get better and we do need to improve it, and we know that!!


We are the builders of a new authority!

Authority may also be an issue for our generation and holding down a job in an oppressive environment is not something we find easy. Many will break out when they feel their ‘superiors’ are not behaving as they should. This way of being will become less narcissistic (or passive) when as a generation, we figure out how to use our voices without coming across as moral preachers. Authority doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, an authority is a truth – it’s just that much of the truth around our generation is exactly what is being constantly questioned.

Our generation is full of ideas which need to be heard and acknowledged, tried and tested, so that we can contribute to building better systems around us. Anything from computers to charities.

Those who cannot agree with current systems may go about starting their own businesses, enterprises, and charity projects and its something that we are seeing happening more and more. GoFundMe pages stream through social media like the rain does in London.

Others, however, are doing well at being a part of the mainstream and changing systems from the inside – they are the patient ones with earthy signs in the emotional parts of their charts, while also having the gift of knowing how to conform to society’s standards, but even then, they don’t quite behave like their older colleges and will more often or not have various other activities to participate it that don’t involve a PAYE system.

Though our generation shares Pluto in Scorpio, each of us may have Pluto in other placements varying our gifts and personal qualities in what each of us can offer the world. If you are interested to know more, I would suggest calculating your free natal chart here, to gain a little more insight into yourself.

So a little more specifically, those born in 1989 and 1990  have Saturn, Uranus, Neptune in Capricorn. They (myself included) are the ones who are changing the world with baby steps, growing ourselves and creating the world we want to see in a strategic manner. That’s the Capricorn energy here. Sudden material wealth is not for the 89’s and the 90’s babies. They have empires to build and building empires takes time, and the climb is a slow and steady one.

On the flip side, those born in 1993 are the shockers, creating mayhem in their art and their actions. They are big dreamers who often desire material wealth and can and will make it happen through their imaginative minds and they may be able to do it quite quickly. It’s likely the 93 children also make fame for themselves with quite some ease.

All in all, our generation as a collective and on individual levels are the change makers, the ones who are breaking down the current system with our thoughts and actions and  laying in new foundations for a new world which it is we want to see.

Stay humble, Stay safe, give thanks ❤


*** This is my own very basic interpretation of astrological alignments based on my own reading. If you wanna dig deeper, I’d suggest checking out some of the links below.


References/further reading:

Pluto in Scorpio

About Pluto


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