Astrology and Mythology

Born between 1983/4 and 1995?

Astrology can be a bit alien to some people, but if you are part of this generation, there is a likeliness that you won’t be casting it aside as nonsense, and so this is for you!

Each planet takes its own time to move around the Sun through each sign of the zodiac. Mercury for example, orbits the sun every 88 days and passes through each zodiac sign every seven days, while on the other side of our solar system, Pluto takes some 248 years to orbit the sun, which means it spends just over 20 and a half years in each zodiac sign, which is why Pluto is a generational planet since many of us are born when Pluto is moving through the same zodiac –  which means that we will not be alive to witness another Pluto Scorpio generation,  unless of course you plan to be alive for another 200 years.

You need to know that as a generation, we share Pluto, but there are still another eight planets that make each of us individual. Uranus and Neptune are also generational planets taking long times to move around the sun and others born close to the same years and months as us will be closer in similar generational energies.


Pluto’s natural ruler is Scorpio (Astrology is like that) — so Pluto is at home in Scorpio –  Scorpio has Pluto’s back! And we were born during the time when they were together, having each others backs. This means, that the influence of Pluto in Scorpio is a weighty one, because Pluto can be the most Pluto it can Plutoly be when its hanging out with Scorpio. We are the peak representation of what it means to be Pluto. I’m hoping having said Pluto and Scorpio enough times, you get what I’m getting at. I’ll even get messiah like and say we’re pretty special ad a generation. We are here to make changes.

I say we are generation Y! Why? Because we do ask WHY alot?  Among other things.

We are the natural philosophers wanting to dig deep into matters, asking questions about why the world is the way it is.  We have the ability to break – things – down.  Quite literally.

We are a generation that embody the concept of destroying and creating.  We are, whether we like it or not, the Shiva of the times – the basic principle being – you must destroy things to allow space for new things to grow.

We are the creative destroyers!!!!  And that has a nice ring to it!

Shiva – Hindu God known as the ‘transformer’

Once we’re done pondering and somewhat satisfied with the answers that we have found within and outside of ourselves, we then go out our way to inform others, to break down all what caused us to ask questions in the first place. Political correctness and the upsurge in activism can be explained by Pluto’s influence on our generation.

Pluto, in Roman mythology (Hades in the Greek) is the God and the ruler of the underworld – it is the planet most concerned with death, destruction and bringing to light what it hidden. Pluto makes things die, though not always literal. It also makes us interested in the mystical and the occult. We are without a doubt a generation obsessed with death and mystery.

We like to explore those things that the mainstream avoids. We have a thing for the taboo – lets talk about sex, lets speak religion and homosexuality in the open. Just take a look at what our generation are producing in music and in art and tell me you can’t see it. Ironically, the origin of the word taboo means ‘sacred‘ and thinking about it, things like sex and religion are pretty sacred and it is strange to think that something sacred should not be discussed.

This delving deep in to the dark also means that many of us may have a thing for manipulation and it would not be surprising if you’re the type of person who tries to ‘energetically’ see if you can make other people do things you want them to do. I won’t comment on the morale of this – that’s for another time, but it highlights our own awareness of our own power that we know we have. You will be particularly gifted at ‘manipulation’ if when you were born when Mercury was in Gemini or Virgo (these signs along with Mercury have a way with communication) but you will only know where Mercury was when you were born if you know your natal chart. I’ll post more about this soon with a link to how you can do that and get yourself a personal astrological chart, but you’ll need to know your time of birth and the city you were born in.

We are the generation that see through the bullshit and are very much aware of the state of the world, often wallowing in its hopeless misery, but it is part our nature and its something we should embrace and seek to understand. So if you get down in the dumps, don’t worry, it happens to us – just make sure you find ways to reemerge.  As long as we question and allow ourselves to flow with it, we can always find solutions. I do say however, questioning for questions sake can be pointless if there is a lack of focus and can lead to depression and depressive tendencies if you are not careful. We are born in a time where suicide causes more deaths than war and this is largely due to awakening forces within ourselves that we must wrestle with to understand. The topic of death and impermanence is no alien to us and its something we as a generation are exploring and talking about more openly. My facebook feed streams out with suicide awareness on a regular basis and it highlights how important death is in our own mindsets, but personally I say stick around, because we have work to do!

We can’t save the world. The world doesn’t need to be saved – but is does need to get better and we do need to improve it, and we know that.  We are simply here to break down the outdated systems and bring in new ways of looking at things.

Authority may also be an issue for us and holding down a job in an oppressive environment is not something we find easy. The generation before us were able to adapt to that system, even if it’s reluctantly, whereas we have the lovely habit of leaving because we know there is something more for us, or we simply can’t deal being told what to do by some stranger we disagree with when we know there is a better way. This way of being comes to be less narcissistic when we as a generation figure out how to use our voices.

We need places where our ideas are heard and we can contribute to building a better system around us, whatever system that may be – film, music, hospitality, security, education.. its endless. If we don’t like that system and we feel we’re not being heard, going off and starting our own businesses, enterprises, companies and charities is a very strong possibility, and something that is happening right now. Others, however, are doing well at being a part of mainstream systems and changing systems from the inside – they are the patient ones with earthy signs in the emotional parts of their charts, and I salute them. Others, like myself are a little more emotionally impulsive.

It’s useful to note that Generation Z ( those born 1995 -2008) are free thinking creatives who take a huge interest in philosophy and grab at the opportunity to explore. We are able to pass to the younger ones what we have learned. If you don’t already, if there is one thing you can take away today, I would definitely recommend being around some younger people to impart your wisdom of experience. Your life lessons are much  more valuable to this generation right now than it is for anyone else, and the wonderful thing about it, is that they WANT to hear what you have to say. Be a positive role model!  Understanding what ‘God’ is and questioning religious authority is what we do and the younger generation are keen to hear something new.

More specifically, those born in 1989 and 1990  have Saturn, Uranus, Neptune in Capricorn. I’ll dig into this more another time, but in brief, we are the ones at this moment who are changing the world with baby steps, growing ourselves and creating the we want to see in a strategic manner – the builders let’s say. That’s the Capricorn energy here. Saturn rules Capricorn, they are best friends, and both of these guys are hard-headed stubborn bastards who like to work hard and plan stuff out. Hard hitting spikes of success is not for the 89’s and the 90’s babies. We have empires to build and building empires takes time.

Whatever the case, I hope this brings  some astrological generational awareness into your interest. I personally find it a very comforting feeling knowing that I share a journey with my generation and I love that each individual one of us has our own role to play in the larger picture – the best bit being that we can choose where we want to fit in the picture.


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